This Tesla will race at new electric GT series

09/27/2016 13:21:18
This Tesla will race at new electric GT series
We knew that Tesla will participate at the upcoming Electric GT championship, but what we wanted to know was what model will race, and here's it

We've been waiting for this moment to come for so long, and now we finally saw Tesla's model which will take a big part in the upcoming Electric GT championship. As we already know at this competition will participate 20 drivers and 10 teams, they will compete for the first places.



The EDT Car V1.3 will be Tesla’s race car for Electric GT. It’s a revised version of the Model S P85, which has been stripped down and prepared for the series by EGT Engineering. It’ll make its first public appearance in Ibiza later today but videos from Electric GT have given us our first look at what the Tesla race car will look like. The P85+ is thought to have been chosen because of its rear-wheel-drive layout, rather than the all-wheel-drive found on other Teslas.



It’s been completely stripped down inside and fitted with the usual race car parts you’d expect, including a new aero kit, roll cage, suspension, modified steering and brake cooling. But the original powertrain from the Model S P85+ has been retained, interestingly. Race weekends will feature a 20-minute practice session, 30 minutes for qualifying and two 60km races.



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