A McLaren P1 on a farm in Japan, what may be more absurd?!

12/10/2015 14:23:13
A McLaren P1 on a farm in Japan, what may be more absurd?!
The limited production McLaren P1 is a performance car which is to be used for driving pleasure and not for farming as it happened in Japan.

The McLaren P1 is certainly a car that was built and designed to be used for pure driving pleasure. The model was produced in a strictly limited number and its state-of-the-art powertrain can deliver its extraordinary breadth of capability anywhere an owner might choose to take it.

Mc Laren P1

However, Kris Singh - an enthusiastic collector based in Japan, having one of the most extensive and valuable auto collections, took his stunning P1 for a drive and when he reached a farm he, literally, ploughed on in the field result in some rather cool images of the P1 in some very unusual surroundings!

stunning Mc Laren

Each of his cars is maintained and kept in the best possible condition, but that does not mean the collector can't indulge seeing them being used. Taking his Mc Laren P1 camping he proved quite the contrary and got some really eye-catching and unususal photos.



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